Use your
free flying or tethered drones like a professional


Automated drone flights


Remote control of drones


Easy operation - Short learning curve


Supporting evaluation of sensor data


Distribution of drone data in the system

Automatic flight log

free flying drones
Free Flying Drones

Most of the use cases for drones involve free-flying drones.

In the professional environment, a wide variety of tasks can be performed by these drones.
For the automated use and remote deployment of such drones, there is the “Free-Flying Drones” module, with which reconnaissance flights, target flights and also photogrammetry flights can be automated. The generation and use of repeatable flight plans is also a key aspect of this module. All flights are fully documented and can thus be tracked. Live videos of all flying drones can be viewed separately or simultaneously with other live streams.

tethered drones
Tethered drones

The drone on a mobile pole- in use 24 hours a day

Tethered drones are a special use case in the use of drones. In this case, the drone is connected to a ground station via a cable for power and data supply and can remain in the air for extremely long periods, even several days if necessary. Such drones move only within a small radius of the ground station, so they are “mobile reconnaissance towers.” The ground station is also mobile, so the location can be freely chosen, unlike stationary cameras. supports all necessary control options for this drone category as well.
The Tethered Drone module provides the capabilities to manage, control and keep track of one or more tethered drones. All data for drone, ground station, weather station and also hangar are displayed in the system, which are necessary for continuous operation. As with free-flying drones, all flights are automatically documented for traceability when using this module. The live streams can be viewed separately or simultaneously with the streams of other drones.

Authorities and organizations with security tasks

The module addresses the special requirements of fire departments and police.
A drone can be sent to the scene of an incident quickly and easily so that it can transmit live videos and even explore the situation independently through the use of AI – even before emergency vehicles reach the scene. For this purpose, has a connection to the operations control center software, whereby deployment locations with all relevant data are available in the platform and can be controlled by drone with one click. The status of drones as deployment assets is also an extension of this module, simplifying coordination by the dispatcher. All flights for an operation are fully documented so that they can be retrieved quickly and easily when needed.


The “Photogrammetry” module automatically generates digital terrain models and orthophotos.

Appropriate flight patterns are provided for this purpose, in which overlapping images of the target area are automatically taken and processed after the flight. In this way, a fast and up-to-date situation picture of a terrain can be created.
A photogrammetry flight can be repeated as often as required, so that changes such as during construction and dismantling can be easily documented and traced.

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Modular design

For your individual needs, various components in form of modules are available for you to use on the platform.
Combine modules as you please and need and make our platform your very own


One-click target flights for police and firefighters

Intuitive, browser-based user interface

Cloud-based or locally installed software

Accurate flight and mission documentation including no-fly zones

Easy drone management

Planning of repeatable missions

Integration into existing workflows

Well established client and role concept

Evaluations of sensor data depending on the application

Different flight patterns at destination

Automated flight control

Connection to control center systems

Alarm activation

Hangar approach

Supported autopilots ArduPilot and PX4

... platform - the suitable tool for any task


What system does run on?

The platform runs via cloud as well as locally on-premise.

How can I use

You can use over the Internet with any web browser, including touch-based systems (iPad, etc.).

Which drones can I use with? is suitable for operation with all ArduPilot and PX4 drones.

What can I do with my existing drones?

Please contact us! We will be happy to advise you.