Unlocking the potential of Urban Air Mobility

Which drone mission can we start for you today?

Bird’s Eye View

Blue light units, security officers and service managers of large systems, but also foresters and farmers can do their own work more efficiently and effectively by means of targeted photos, film recordings, heat measurements and other sensor-based data acquisition from a bird’s eye view .

The Problem

Drones are perfect tools for these tasks, but require special technical knowledge, must meet formally demanding requirements, especially in a professional environment, and are ultimately associated with major financial and organizational investments.

A Question of Economics

Especially when there is only occasional need for drones, which represents the majority of professional fields of application, the construction, maintenance and operation with its own associated management platform and own drone fleet is not economically sensible.

Centralized drone network

Request a drone from the existing centralized network exactly when and where it is needed for an operation.

We will not have our own drones, but rather manage the drones of our partners on our platform and thus offer services across the region.

Certified Quality

Don't worry about drone maintenance and service. We take care of that for you.

The drones used in our network are certified and are regularly checked and serviced.

Flexibility & transparency

Expand your own drone capacity at short notice or offer your free capacity to other users in the volaer.io network.

The state of the drones and the user reviews of the users are always transparent on the platform and can be viewed by everyone.

Cost optimization

Optimize your costs with the offered reimbursement model.

Free drone capacities of our partners are available in the network, so that our services always offer a price advantage over their own drones to the customer.

The right drone for every application

Get access to various drone models and digital results based on the mission.

Missions we offer are e.g. Terrain and building monitoring, inspection of critical infrastructure, area monitoring in the natural and agricultural environment as well as situation image detection during rescue and other BOS operations.

We take care of the bureaucratic part

Our customers do not have to worry about the details, official requirements and approvals, but rather use the results.

We will become a drone service provider according to European drone regulation in 2020 and receive a "Light UAS operator certificate" (LUC). This enables us to release and carry out our own risk assessment for our missions in the "specific" category.

Timely images & results

Receive relevant images and results and intervene in a targeted and timely manner.

Customers order drone missions from us and we deliver digital results and interfaces for further processing.

It's quick online

Simple and quick request for drone deployments via the online booking portal.

Missions with specific requirements can be ordered online from us and the results retrieved online.